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The IRS - May 2024

The issue

   Consumer alert: IRS warns taxpayers they may be scam victims if they filed for big refunds; misleading advice leads to false 
   claims for Fuel Tax Credit, Sick and Family Leave Credit, and Household Employment taxes.

   Taxpayers who filed these claims mistakenly need to follow the advice in letters; consider filing an amended return or talking

   to a trusted tax professional.

   WASHINGTON – The Internal Revenue Service issued a consumer alert today following ongoing concerns about a series of

   tax scams and inaccurate social media advice that led thousands of taxpayers to file inflated refund claims during the past tax


   The IRS warned taxpayers not to fall for these scams centered around the Fuel Tax Credit, the Sick and Family Leave Credit,

   and Household Employment taxes. The IRS has seen thousands of dubious claims come in where it appears taxpayers are

   claiming credits for which they are not eligible, leading to refunds being delayed and the need for taxpayers to show they

    have legitimate documentation to support these claims. 

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